Grade 9

As part of our Comprehensive School Counseling Curriculum, all Freshman participate in a Freshman Seminar. This program consists of four small group lessons where the Freshmen are given tools to aid them in their transition into High School.

Lesson 1:
>Students are introduced to their counselors and fellow classmates
>Students are explained the School Counselor's role

Lesson 2:
>Students receive their Power School username and password and review their quick lookup on line. 
>STudents are reminded how checking their grades can help them stay accountable for their course work. 
>Students create a account
>Students connect their collegeboard account to KHan Academy

Lesson 3:
>Students review the current graduation requirements
>Students become familiar with their High School transcript
>Students review techniques to manage stress
>Students participate in a stress management activity

Lesson 4:
>Students review Naviance and complete the Learning Styles Inventory (LSI) to help identify how they learn best.
>Students complete Freshman Seminar Questionnaire within Naviance and submit.

What Every Freshman Should Know: Advice from LSM Upperclassmen

See College Connections link for more information