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Academic Support

In the event that concerns arise specific to academic performance, the following steps should be taken:

1 - Parent-student discussion based on Power School Parent Portal data and/or grade reports

2 - Student requests a meeting with the teacher to discuss academic performance

3 - Student schedules an appointment with his/her school counselor to discuss support strategies- i.e. tutoring,
group referrals, Homework Club

4- If student continues to struggle and has not contacted the teacher,the teacher calls home at the next grade report ("This is what studenthas/has not done…")

5 - Parent contacts the school counselor to see if student has seen them to discuss support service options:
-Tutoring - Counseling
-Homework Club - Mentoring
-Extra help - Move to silent study halls
-Group referrals

6 - Student Support Team (S.S.T.) referral and possible interventions:
-The teams considers referral for Special Education and/or Student Support Center
-The student meets with S.S.T. representative to reflect on academic status
-S.S.T. team schedules a Care & Concern meeting (meeting between teachers, parent(s), student, guidance counselor)

7- If determined that the above steps have not been followed and/or student is still struggling academically, any of the following interventions/consequences may occur:
-Parent/teacher/counselor conference
-Loss of senior privileges
-No Pass list
-Summer school
-Repeat class the following year
-Drug testing, if appropriate
-Loss of social/academic privileges (sporting events,
-field trips)
-Increased parental involvement