Robin Mengual

       Hello, My name is Robin Mengual.            

I have been teaching American Sign Language at Lewis Mills since 1998. I received my masters in Deaf Education from Boston University and taught at the American School for the Deaf (ASD) for four years. With focus and determination, at the completion of ASL at Mills, students will be able to communicate with their ASD pen pals. I love my job here at Mills. Seeing students realize their potential when they can communicate via sign is so rewarding.

I am married and have three adult children, all of whom graduated from Mills.

Did you know that Asylum Ave in Hartford was named for the American Asylum at Hartford for the Education and Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb,presently called American School for the Deaf? Did you know the statue of the little girl within two hands on the corner of Asylum Ave and Farmington Ave in Hartford is Alice Cogswell, the first student at the school for the Deaf? And that the 10 fingers represent the founding fathers?
Did you know that Miss Porter's School in Farmington was founded by Sarah Porter whose brother Samuel Porter taught at ASD and Gallaudet University?

**Did you know that April, 2017 marked the 200th anniversary of the founding of ASD?**