Engineering Drafting

Lewis S Mills High School

Engineering Drafting Syllabus

 Course Title:                Engineering Drafting

Text:                            Mechanical Drawing, Board & CAD Techniques

Software:                     AutoCAD 2014

Length:                        Full- year course

Prerequisites:              Technical drafting (grade of “C” or better)

Grade Level:                Grade 10-12

Instructor:                    Mr. Ciarlo



Essential Questions:


  • How do you communicate the language of industry on the drafting board and/or on a CAD system?
  • How are drafting skills applied in the global industrial environment?
  • How are sketches and drawings used to communicate ideas?
  • How are analytical and aesthetic skills applied to the process of problem solving?



Course Description:


            Engineering CAD is designed to provide advanced and challenging experiences that will enable a student to use modern drafting techniques. Students will acquire skills producing isometric, assembly, and sectional view drawings along with exposure to screws/threads and  gear/cam drawings.. Students will also be presented with engineering challenges and projects to develop critical thinking skills.




  • To provide a foundation for the continuation of study in Engineering CAD.
  • To provide the student with an understanding of the importance of drafting in industrial settings.
  • To provide competency for entry level positions.
  • To provide experiences that will enable students to discover personal interests and abilities.
  • To provide opportunities for students to recognize and practice good drawing techniques.
  • Student Expectation #3: The LSM graduate demonstrates effective use of information and technology to enhance learning.




Students are assessed on their assignments and productivity.

  • Drawings are worth 50% of the marking period grade.
  • Quizzes are worth 20% of the marking period grade.
  • Participation is worth 30% of the marking period grade.




Work is expected to be done neatly and in a professional manner. Please pay attention to due dates. The first day an assignment is late, the grade for that assignment is reduced 10%. Each additional day the assignment is late the grade is reduced by an additional 10%.



Classroom Guidelines:


  • Be prepared for class. Bring the following materials to class: pencil, eraser and a 3-ring binder.
  • Do not use inappropriate language or make fun of others.
  • Class will begin on time. Please be at your computer or sitting at the center table when the bell rings.
  • Do not disturb others while they are working.
  • Please DO NOT LINE UP AT THE DOOR waiting for the dismissal bell. Sit quietly at the table or at your computer until the bell rings.


Make-up Work:


            If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get your make-up work. Completion of make-up work will adhere to school policy.




  • Drawing with AutoCAD/Inventor
  • Editing drawings
  • Measurement techniques
  • Drawing shapes
  • Printing and/or plotting
  • Engineering Design Project
  • Three-View drawings from Isometric drawings
  • Isometric drawings
  • Dimensioning in Isometric Drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Sectional drawings
  • Screw Thread drawings
  • Gear & Cam drawings


Please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns. Email: [email protected]



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