Angie Vassar


Regional School District #10 provides a safe and respectful learning environment to promote academic excellence and personal growth.  
We work collectively to cultivate the skills and knowledge of our students to create inquisitive learners, innovative leaders, and responsible citizens.

As teachers we engage students in a variety of knowledge-based activities and teach 21st century skills to promote a physically active and health enhancing lifestyle. Research shows that an effective wellness program enhances students learning by boosting concentration and focus in the academic classroom.

Hi LSM students and parents! I am very excited to have the opportunity to teach you about something I love...Health and Wellness! My goal for this school year is to show all of you how important personal wellness is as part of our daily lives. Each of our classes reflects our multi-dimensional approach to health and well being. Wellness is about the connections between our state of well being and our:

  • body, emotions, mind,and spirit
  • earliest life experiences and our health over our entire lifespan
  • family, friends, and community 
  • personal and our work-life
  • environment—from home, to neighborhood, to the entire planet. 

Located to the right is the Wellness Wheel, which demonstrates how the dimensions come together to promote a more complete well-being. When all six dimensions come together equally, the wheel is balanced. Lack of any of the six produces an unbalanced whole – this is normal! Effort should be balanced among the dimensions in order for overall well-being to improve.

Each wellness teacher encourages students to develop and maintain a balanced approach to life. The initiative that is promoted through each class is a cultural, emotional, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual dimension of wellness.