Tim Mischke
Environmental Science -- Timothy Mischke
Hello Everyone.  I have been teaching at Lewis Mills High School for ten years.  I presently teach Environmental Science and Topics in Chemistry and Physics.

 The units for the year in Environmental Science are the following:
1. Foundations in Science Unit
2. Chemistry Unit
3. Space 

 4. Internal Earth
5. Weather/Climate
6. Human Impacts
7. Water Resources

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NEWSELA - passwords
Level 1 Environmental Science = TG7KKN
Level 2 Environmental Science = A4KJX9

 Environmental Earth Science course description L 1.pdf

Topics in Science course description.pdf
The Units for Topics in Chemistry and Physics are the following:
1. Foundations in Science
2. Speed and Acceleration
3. Friction and Gravity
4. Newton's Laws
5. Energy and Heat Transfer
6. Simple Machines
7. Fluid Mechanics
8. Physical and Chemical Change
9. Electricity

Metric Ruler.pdf

Environmental Earth Science Midterm Exam Guides:
es midterm studyguide L2 2016 - 2017.doc

es midterm studyguide L1 2016-2017.doc