Grading Rubric
2017-18 wellness formative rubric.doc

GRADING: Students will receive THREE different grades in Powerschool every two weeks: A Standards Based Formative that IS NOT included in final grade, A Rubric Grade that IS included in final grade, and a summative assessment (small or large) that IS included in final grade.  The Standard Based Formative Assessment is a breakdown of the students’ Rubric Grade.  The students will be assessed on levels of mastery of Standard 10: Applying Concepts and Strategies, Standard 12: Physical Fitness, and Standard 13: Responsible Behavior.  The Standards Based Formative will be graded using a letter grade (A, B, C, D, F).  Each letter will have a corresponding point value out of four (A=4/4, B=3/4, C=2/4, D=1/4, F=0/4).  The Rubric Grade will be the sum of the letter grades that the student earns.  For example, if a student earns an “A (4/4)” for Standard 10, a “B (3/4)” for Standard 12, and an “A (4/4)” for Standard 13 (all not included in final grade), then the student will receive an 11/12 overall.  The students will be able to see a breakdown of the final grade.  Their grade will be based on a Total Points system.



Standard 10

Standard 12

Standard 13

Rubric Grade

Student 1






Student 2






Grading Key

                  A= 4 points

                  B= 3 points

                  C= 2 points

                  D= 1 point

                  F= 0 points


  • Standard Grades will NOT be included in final grade.
  • Rubric Grade WILL be included in final grade.
  • Goal: By breaking down the rubric grade into small sections, students can see why they received their grade