Grading Policy

LSM Science Department Policy

  1. Grading/Grade Books
    • PowerSchool grade books will be updated every 2 weeks
    • Unless otherwise stipulated by the teacher, graded work will be returned to the students within a 2-week window
    • Grade book setup will be consistent by course 
  2. Assessments
    • Homework will count no more than 10% for any science class
    • Formative Assessments (FA)
      • Small assessments, frequently given (after new learning)
      • Variety of formats (exit ticket, HW, Quiz etc.)
  • Summative Assessments (SA)
    • Unit tests, final project, long-term projects, design challenge
    • Large, comprehensive, learning at the end of instructional unit
    • Scores under 85% are eligible for Retakes
    • Only those parts of the assessment that focus on critical learning are eligible for retakes.
    • Proof of new learning must be completed before the retake opportunity is provided, which include the completion of ALL class assignments and/or an afternoon study session with the teacher.
    • Retakes must be completed within 2 weeks of returned graded assessment.
    • Students received the reassessment grade (Note: score could go down) and cap out at 85%.
  • Labs and Lab reports 
    • Retakes determined by:
      • Type of assignment (ex. design challenge vs. One-day investigation) 
      • Where occurs in learning sequence (lab report at beginning of year vs. end of year) 
      • Type of question (data collection vs. Analysis/conclusion)
      • Will be consistently applied by course and level


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