Course Title:  Psychology 

Level 2 

2016-2017 School Year 


Instructor:  Mrs. Norton  E-mail:  

 Phone:  673-0423 Ext. 15109 


Major Text:  Thinking About Psychology from Worth Publishers 


Course Description: 


Psychology is a one semester course with curriculum designed as an introductory college course.   A variety of strategies are used that require both a high level of independent effort and contribution to group tasks designed to develop public speaking skills. 


Course Outline: 

  1.  The Methods and Field of Psychology 

  1. The Brain and Behavior 

  1. Developmental Psychology and Personality 


Homework Expectations:  Homework is assigned daily and on weekends.  It is collected and evaluated for accuracy and thoroughness.  Homework is expected to be completed and submitted on a daily basis since it is an integral part of classroom activities and preparation for class.  Occasionally readings will be assigned and followed by a reading check during the next class period to encourage student accountability.  LATE HOMEWORK will only be accepted on the next class meeting for half-credit.   


    Topic assignment sheets/weekly class schedules are distributed regularly and must be kept in your notebooks at all times.  They are extremely helpful in remembering what assignments are on a given day.  The assignments are subject to change due to time constraints or other variables.  Daily homework assignments are posted on the board. Students must check the board for daily assignments and record their homework assignments in their agenda book.   



Homework is counted as 10% of the marking period grade.  In-class work, quizzes, tests, projects, Argumentative essays and other work represent the 90% of the grade.  Projects, quizzes and unit tests carry considerable weight. 


      A quiz will be administered at the end of each topic that will cover material covered in homework assignments, classroom discussions, etc.  Review guides are provided for preparation. Students are encouraged to prepare for these quizzes and other assessments in advance of its administration.   In addition, there can be other checks on progress concerning homework given during the week.  Students are encouraged to review daily. 


**Grades are updated on Parent Portal EVERY TWO WEEKS so that the student can monitor his/her own progress.    Lengthier assignments such as essays and research assignments will take longer to grade than the two weeks.   



General Expectations: 


  1. Students are expected to come prepared for class with a notebook, text, pen and appropriate tools necessary for the daily classroom endeavor. 


  1. Textbooks are given to each student.  They must be covered at all times. 


  1. Daily attendance is required.  See student handbook regarding attendance policy.   


  1. ******It is imperative than when a student is absent, that he/she brings a note to the main office in order to obtain a MAKE UP SHEET FOR THEIR MISSING WORK.  Missing work will not be provided without securing this make up sheet.  Three days for each absence are allowed by school policy to make up work.  Any work submitted after that day will not be accepted and will result in a zero unless the Assistant Principal grants an extension.  Make up work/missing assignments can only be made up due to absences.  Not submitting homework or other assignments when due cannot be submitted at a later date unless an absence has occurred and is within the three day makeup period.   


  1. Notebooks must be kept in reasonable order.  Preparation is a must in this course in order to actively participate in class discussion. 


  1. Progress reports are issued to each student at the midpoint of each marking period.  Report cards/progress reports are distributed during their last class on the designated days in the school calendar.   


       7.  Text messaging or any use of cell phones is not allowed in the classroom unless directed for use during an activity.  This will result in the loss of the cell phone.  Please refer to LSM policy on cell phones for further information.   





Academic Expectations 


1.  Students are required to complete their assignments individually in order to develop a full understanding of the material.   


2.  Copying of another student’s work is not allowed and will result in a loss of credit for that assignment.   


3.  Essay/research assignments must include parenthetical citations to acknowledge the source of material utilized in their work.   


4.  E-mailed work/papers will not be accepted.