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Business & Finance Technology

Welcome to the Business & Finance Technology Department at Lewis Mills! I can be reached by email: or 860-673-0423 X5131

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Accounting 1

Graphic Design 

Advanced Graphic Design

International Business 

Career Readiness

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Career and Technical Education Department
Our mission in the Career and Technical Education Department (CATE) is to use varied instructional strategies to prepare students with the skills necessary for success in the 21st century.

Business Department Priority Standards

I can develop personal management skills to function effectively and efficiently in a business environment.

(Standard 4 – Personal Management Skills Strand 1)

I can examine the role of ethics and social responsibility in decision making.

(Standard 5 – Ethics and Social Responsibility Strand 1)

I can use appropriate information and technology to create written, visual, oral and multimedia products to communicate ideas, information or conclusions to others.