Edward Dorgan
I am the 8th grade Social Studies instructor for the Silver team at Har-Bur Middle School.

U.S. Constitution Convention delegates -Constitutional Delegates list.docx

Unit plan - for 8th grade U.S. History - US Launches New Govt 5th unit 2019.docx

Homework- assigned Jan. 17, 2019 - Answer U.S. Confronts Britain (1793-1796)

Unit Study Guide- TBA

Tone & Mood resources
Tone Vocabulary Words copy.pdf
Mood Vocabulary Words-8-1.pdf

Letters explaining Course Description, Class Expectations,& Grading Policy:
Welcome Early US history.docx
Grade Policy 8th US 2018-19.doc
Course Description Sheet 2018-19.docx

In addition, I'm the adviser for the 'History Day' club at both Har-Bur Middle School and Lewis Mills High School.

National History Day website (Connecticut History Day website)

Students may reach me by making an appointment in person or by emailing me at dorgane@region10ct.org

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Contact information: email: dorgane@region10ct.org