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Welcome: To 8th grade Early U.S. History

Homework - April 12th = Finish typing your letter on the Treaty of New Echota / submit in TEAMS
Letter due Friday April 12th - in TEAMS

Monroe Doctrine cartoons - Monroe Doctrine cartoons.docx

CT Industrial Revolution project were due Thursday April 4th
CT during the 1st Ind. Revol. project directions - CT 1st Ind. Revol. directions _ topics.doc

Lowell 'mill workers' documents - Cotton Mills Recruitment poster.docx
Boott Mill regulations.docx

Collins Company sources - Collins Company - 2 sources.docx

Quizlet link - TBD

Unit plan: US Expansionism 1820-50 unit plan 2019.docx

Unit study guide: TBD

Students may reach me by making an appointment in person or by emailing me at dorgane@region10ct.org

Grading policy and course description
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Grade Policy 8th US 2018-19.doc
Course Description Sheet 2018-19.docx​​

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