Practical Math
Course Goals and Learning Outcomes:

The course is designed to help students learn to think logically and analytically toward understanding the importance and practical applications of math in everyday life. Students will apply real world applications

Course Description:

The course is intended to address: using data, using information technology, using strategies to solve problems, and using language of mathematics to communicate. Topics covered include:

  • Number Sense: writing numbers, more/less, place value
  • Consumer Spending: principles of spending, comparing costs, consumer language, learning differences between wants and needs
  • Measurement: using standards, compare length, weight, and volume
  • Data Analysis: Calculator skills, graphs, charts, tables
  • Number Operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division


Grading will be based on formative and summative assessments. Informally, classroom observations, students class performance and responses will be a gauge used to determine mastery. Furthermore, classroom quizzes and tests will be utilized to assess learned knowledge.

Course Expectations:

School policies will be reinforced. Students will be expected to arrive to class on time with their class materials, participate in a positive manner, and advocate for themselves by asking questions, if needed.