MS Office Applications L2

MS Office Applications


The mission of Lewis S. Mills High School is to foster academic excellence, personal growth, and respect for diversity.  Within a safe learning environment, we share the collective responsibility with students, parents, and the community to cultivate the skills, knowledge and attitudes that help our students to realize their full potential as learners and responsible citizens, and to experience success beyond high school

Course Title:  MS Office Applications

Length          Semester

Grade Level:   Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

Instructor:      B. Angelicola-Manzolli



Student Expectations #3:  The LSM graduate demonstrates effective use of information and technology to enhance learning.

Essential Questions

Business & Finance Technology

  • How has the study of business made you aware of career options?
  • How can you utilize technology in the global business environment?
  • Why do you need to master the language of business?
  • How do business ethics impact decisions made in your life?
  • How does effective communication facilitate the networking procedure?
  • Why is it important for you to utilize the problem-solving and decision-making process?


Course Description

In MS Word they will learn how to navigate and work with documents, manipulate/format text, use parallel columns, tables and graphics.  MS Excel is a spreadsheet application; students will learn to enter and edit information in a worksheet and manage workbooks, and calculate formulas.  Data analysis will assist in creating graphs and charts. In MS PowerPoint they will use the animations, transitions and sound to create meaningful presentations.  The touch typing method will be reinforced.  Students will make an oral presentation to assist in the development of public speaking skills.

Course Objectives & Specific Outcomes

¨This area of instruction provides content for knowledge and skills required in the technology-based workplace.  The demand will continue to expand for students prepared with knowledge of advanced skills in word processing, desktop publishing and data management

¨Students will review hardware and software systems and storage options

¨Students will review and update the advantages and disadvantages of information processing systems

¨Students will continue to strengthen their ability to use the Internet for successful research and communications

¨Students will understand and use terminology for the software applications, hardware and storage

¨Students will demonstrate proper keyboarding techniques

¨Students will develop skills to use presentation software, word processing, desktop publishing and data management applications and scanner

¨Students will prepare letters, reports, tables, forms, merged documents, business report, and publisher documents related to operating a business

¨Students will apply proofreading/editing skills to documents

¨Students will demonstrate public speaking capabilities

¨Students will maintain a portfolio of examples of various documents created in class


Students are expected to come to class prepared with a pencil, pen, and a

1- 1 ½ inch binder three ring binder/notebook and dedicated folder

Supplemental Materials

Microsoft Office 365 Office 2016 Intermediate – Shelly Cashman Series

Microsoft Office 365 Office 2016 – Projects – Illustrated Series

Word It! BE Publishing 2nd Edition

Publish It! BE Publishing 2nd Edition

Software                                                Equipment

        MS Office Suite 2013                       PC

      MS Word                                       Scanner

      MS Excel                                         Printer

      MS Publisher                                  

      MS PowerPoint


Student Assessment


Pre Assessment, rubrics, authentic, and performance-based assessment will be utilized throughout the semester. Assessments will consist of class work, homework, quizzes, and production

Production @ 60%

Quizzes/Projects @ 30%

 Homework//Class work @ 10%



You will be graded on format, accuracy and production.


Advanced Computer Concepts & Applications – Getting Started


  • àDetermine GoalsWhat Do I Expect?

    Attention to and participation in classroom discussions/exercises

    Every effort to assist others (and myself) in-group and individual leadership roles

    A work in progress of completed sectional pages of publications

    To have fun learning and exploring the capabilities of

    MS Word, MS Excel  and MS Publisher


  • àClassroom Guidelines

    ►Cell Phones will not be out and/or used during class

    Respect for others work, time, equipment and software

    ►Strict Adherence to copyright laws

    ►Adherence to LSM Acceptable Use Policy

    ►Timely arrival to class

    ►Questions and suggestions to instructor welcomed with a hand raise

    ►Stay seated until the bell rings; last period class shut down computers


  • àConsequences for Unacceptable Behavior

    ►Any intentional malicious acts, which damage equipment, hardware or corrupt software, will result in removal from class and an administrative referral

    ►Persistent and excessive interruptions during class will influence grades and could result in teacher detention or removal from class

    ►Persistent and excessive late arrivals will adhere to LSM school policy

  • àMake-up Work & Out of Class Work

►Pass in the office make-up sheet at the beginning of class; make arrangements with me for after school work

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in a teacher or office detention