Resistance Training

Fitness and Resistance Training

Unit Overview


Upon completion of this unit, students will be able to:

  • Understand and apply various training principles
  • Identify the location and function of the major muscle groups
  • Safely perform multiple exercises for each major muscle group.



Skills to be taught:

  • Operation of machines and free weights.
  • Fitness components, interval training, progression
  • Concepts, myths, and benefits of weight training.
  • Muscle names, their actions, and exercises to train those muscles.
  • Caloric intake and nutrition to fuel performance



  • Level of Involvement daily
  • Pre-Assessments
  • 3 Reflective journals
  • Resistance training machine Seek Sheet
  • Muscle identification and function pre-assessment and final quiz
  • Final assessment: Creating and Following Personal Workout
  • Links to follow for info: 

Resistance Training Create a Workout.doc