Culinary II

Culinary Arts II

Level 2, .5 credits


INSTRUCTOR: Mrs. B. Denza      email:



  • How is my life affected by my choices?
  • What does my body need to be healthy?

  • What do I need to know to safely and successfully purchase, prepare, and store foods?

  • How do I merge the demands of multiple role responsibilities with healthy living?

  • Is food preparation both an art and a science?

  • How can my mastery of life skills expand my career choices?


COURSE DESCRIPTION: Culinary Arts II is sequel to Culinary Arts I and students enrolled will continue to build upon the competencies mastered.   Student will learn knife skills, advanced baking and cooking techniques, and explore careers in the culinary and hospitality fields.  Knowledge and skills will be demonstrated by preparation of a wide range of menu items including yeast products, soups, salads, entrees, cake decorating, and desserts.  Activities involve bookwork, demonstrations, labs, reports, posters, and projects. Assessment is based on the student’s ability to plan food labs, performance in the cooking labs, homework, tests, quizzes, reports, class work, and attendance.  Students must earn a minimum of B- in Culinary Arts II to be eligible to enroll in Culinary Arts III



Class work/Homework           20%

Test/quizzes                             35%

Laboratory                              45%


**Extra help is available before school, after school, and by appointment during the school day.





  1. A pen or pencil must be brought to class daily.

  2. Students must have a 3 ring binder with one tabbed divider and lined paper or a class folder with pockets and lined paper.  (The binder may be shared with other classes- reserve one section for Culinary.) Students must have the binder for class by Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2016. 

  3. All class notes, assignments, and recipes must be labeled with the date.   All papers must be kept in the binder and organized as directed in class.

  4. Students are expected to arrive to class on time.

  5. Students must be respectful in class.  Listen when someone is speaking and raise your hand when you have something to say.

  6. Assignments must be neat and completed on time.  All work must be done according to the directions given in class. 

  7. It is expected that all assigned work will be turned in on time.  If work is submitted past the due date it will be assessed a 10 point penalty for every day late.

  8. All laboratory rules must be obeyed in the kitchens.  Students who fail to behave properly will be excluded from the laboratory and will receive a zero for the lab grade.  Unsafe behavior may result in removal from the class.   

  9. Students must demonstrate all best practices in the kitchen.  It is expected students have mastered all techniques learned in Culinary I.  Failure to follow best practices will result in the student completing written work to relearn the information and they may be removed from the lab.

  10. Written work missed due to an absence from school must be made up within 3 days for each day absent.  It is the responsibility of the student to check to see what has to be made up.  Work already assigned prior to an illness is due the day a student returns to class.

  11. Lab grades can be made up with an alternative assignment.  If the makeup assignment is not made up within the allotted time the student will receive a zero for the lab grade.

  12. When students leave the class during the period they have their passport signed by the teacher and must sign out using their first initial and full last name, where they are going and time they left class.






    1.   All students will aid in creating a positive classroom environment.

    2.   Students will enter and exit the classroom by the foyer door.  Student may not use the hallway door except in an emergency.

    3.   Students will remain in the classroom area unless a laboratory activity is scheduled.  

    4.   Students may fill a water bottle from the kitchen refrigerator/sink.  Only containers provided by the    student can be used to provide water during class.

    5.   Backpacks and bags will be stored on the hooks in the backpack station or placed on the back of the chair or UNDER the desk by the students’ feet.  Only class work, the class binder and a writing utensil will be on the desk during class.

    6.   Students must be quiet when announcements are made over the PA

    7.   Students will use the bathroom or complete errands during the passing time before or after              class.  ONLY in the event of an emergency should students ask to use the bathroom during class.  If a student must leave the class during the period he/she must sign out on the classroom sign-out sheet using their first initial, full last name, where they are going,and time out.

    8.   Students will remain seated or be actively engaged in laboratory work until the bell rings.

    9.   Students in class during the last period of the day will place the chairs on the table at the completion of class.




    TEXTS: Food for Today and Culinary Essentials






















    Review of important kitchen principles

    Safe food handling and sanitation, kitchen safety, measuring, ingredients, mise en place, and    cooking terms

    Yeast Cookery


    Knife Skills


    Soups and Sauces

                broth vs stock


                Mother sauces



    Speed scratch cooking

                Why is it popular?







    Cake Decorating

                equipment used

    colorings and frostings


    practice and performance


    Meats and Fish


                methods of cooking : broil/grill, bake, braise, sauté, deep fry


    My Plate


Meals and meal planning

  •    meal planning

  • Etiquette
  • Shopping/Reading the food labels/Supermarket survival skills





* Changes may be made at the instructor’s discretion.