Spanish IV L1

Spanish IV L1 is a continuation for students who
successfully completed Spanish III L1. Vina del Mar
Students continue to develop proficiency in the 
target language through further study of
conversation, oral themes, dialogues,
videos and selected readings. In this
advanced course,a variety of authentic materials
including music, short films, and Hispanic websites
are used to engage the students 
in meaningful
experiences in the language while constantly
strengthening their language skills. Classes are
conducted in Spanish 
and students are expected
to participate verbally 
every day. 

Course Goals: Students will be able to…

  • communicate in the target language during class time
  • communicate in the past and present tenses
  • participate in discussions among vocabulary themes
  • differentiate between the use of preterit and imperfect
  • differentiate between the use of subjunctive and indicative
  • formulate comparisons and opinions


Student Expectations:  In this course, students are expected to

  • Demonstrate listening comprehension of materials;
  • Express the past, present & future in all four skills;
  • Read and demonstrate comprehension of materials;
  • Speak in Spanish daily: to narrate, describe and explain using proper tense and moods;
  • Write descriptive, narrative, informative and persuasive essays expressing ideas, opinions, feelings and giving advice;
  • Understanding and appreciation of the Spanish/Hispanic world and Spanish-speaking people.


Grading Policy:

Writing a. Give and request information in writing within a correspondence.

b. Present information in written language on a variety of topics.


Speaking a. Effectively engage in spoken conversation.

b. Present information orally on a variety of topics.


Listening Understand and interpret spoken language


Reading Understand and interpret written language


Academic and Social Responsibility



Other important information, documents and useful links will be shared with you via Microsoft TEAMS and Class Notebook platforms.