World Literature

Welcome to English 10 - World Literature!

Below, find a copy of the course syllabus and other helpful documents.  The syllabus contains helpful info about:  homework, expectations, grading, and tips for success. 

WL-Syllabus 2017-2018.docx
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Commonly asked questions: 

How do I learn what I missed during an absence? 

  • check your assignment sheet for specifics on the class(es) you’ve missed/check with a peer
  • e-mail me during your absence and I will supply you with the work you’ve missed, or find time (not a minute before class begins) to review it with me.
  • return your work.  I will not hunt you down for any missing assignments; they are your responsibility to complete.  Please note: missing assignments due to absences will appear as zeroes in PowerSchool until they are completed.
  • Depending on the nature of your absence, do your best to return to class prepared.

How do I know when you are available after school?
  • see my times posted on the back board or e-mail me if you need a different time