Anatomy & Physiology
This page is filled with important links and some documents that you will need to reference to complete work in class or at home.  Many of the links we won't even get to explore in class, but they will help you prepare for quizzes, tests or exams.  Let me know if any are giving you trouble. 
This first doc. is the course description you all received the first day of school. I attached it as a reference in case you need it.
Download file "welcome.a&p.doc"

Introductory Unit
Here is the website for the POWER POINT on the BODY SYSTEMS. It also covers the regional and directional terminology, body cavities and sections that we will start working with in class. Check it out!,1,The Human Body An Orientation

 The link below QUIZZES you on the terminology we've been learning this week.

Directional Terminology QUIZ

Different QUIZZES on planes/ directional/ regional terms (Ignore the quadrants links)

QUIZ on regional terms

Here's another. From the home page scroll down to the language of A&P and click on any of the associated links.

Rat Dissection link below--All students need to review this link completely in order to answer the pre-lab questions. In addition, this link will serve you well when reviewing for the lab practical.

Studying for the first test? The links above are a great way to review, with the exception of the rat dissection (we're done with the rat). Check out these pod casts too! Good Luck :)

Download file "A&P Test 1 Review 1.tif"Download file "A&P Test 1 Review 2.tif"Download file "A&P Test 1 Review 3.tif"Download file "A&P Test 1 Review 4.tif"



Histology Unit (iPSCs) (Cell Diversity/Intro.)

Epithelial Tissue links below:!/chapter19/videos_animations/epithelial_structure.html (simple intro to epithelium) (quiz) (epithelial tissue lab) (epithelial tissue lab)

Connective Tissue link below:
 (connective tissue lab) (connective tissue lab)

Muscle Tissue link below: (muscle tissue lab)

For smooth muscle tissue and nervous tissue, you will have to do a google search.

Regenerative Medicine


Digestion, Nutrition & Metabolism Unit (Podcast from class)

Download file "Frog Dissection lab 2014.doc"

Virtual Frog Dissection (use the menu button to navigate and skip the introduction)

General Links to review the Digestive System (Digestive System Crash Course)

Respiratory System


Cardiovascular System Unit (pig heart dissection)

Download file "Pig Heart Dissection 2013.doc"Here's the heart dissection guide. Remember the quiz will cover the dissection, the anatomy of the heart, the circuits and blood flow through the circuits. STUDY! (reviews blood flow and anatomy of the heart) (both of these links review the intrinsic conduction system of the heart)

Blood (general information on blood) (hemostasis/basic) (hemostasis/detailed) (how quikclot connects to hemostasis) (blood types and transfusion)

Urinary System
Nervous System (saltatory conduction)

Reproductive System (Fetal Pig Preview Link)

Download file "FETAL PIG DISSECTION PREview.docx" Here's the questions that need to be answered in preparation for the dissection. (Oogenesis) (Oogenesis) (Reproductive System Crash Course) (Animal Development Crash Course)

Skeletal System (Crash Course, Skeletal System) (Bozeman Science, great review for test!) review with quizzes, pgs 1-3)




Just For FUN!!

Review Worksheet Answers