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Contemporary Issues

Contemporary Issues is designed to allow students to analyze current events utilizing the knowledge and skills they acquired through the Global Studies program. The understanding of current events of our present society will make it much easier for our students to perceive the trends that will influence their lives tomorrow. This course thoroughly covers the issues and trends displayed in the media and other forms of information. Students actively participate in discussions, projects, cooperative teams, debates, and problem solving activities as they relate to current course content.

State Capitol

Civics: American Government

This course is designed to provide students with a practical knowledge and understanding of our American government and its direct connection to them.  Relevance to life is imperative for students to connect with the democratic process as citizens of the United States.  Students will be able to apply knowledge of the US Constitution and demonstrate their understanding of how the American system of government functions on the local, state and national levels as well as the impact on individual citizens.  Students will also be able to demonstrate their understanding that US citizens have both rights and responsibilities in order for our government to maintain order in our society. A unit on local and state government is included in the curriculum.



Modern U.S. History

U.S. History is a challenging, comprehensive course designed to immerse the student in a total
 historical experience.  The experience will emphasize the enhancement of social studies skills such as historical interpretation, oral communication, and the application of geographical knowledge.  Students will write a comprehensive research paper in this course.  Document-Based Question essays will be written during each unit of study.  The cultural side of history as a primary source will be introduced through music, art, cartoons, and video interpretation.  After a short review of U.S. expansion into the new west in the 1800s, students will concentrate on major historical events from the 20th Century through the early 21st  Century.