Recent Rule Changes

The “long-hit procedure” in high school field hockey will be replaced by a 25-yard free hit effective with the 2016 season.

This revision in Rule 7-3-2 :  the attacking team will be awarded a 25-yard free hit instead of a long hit when a defender unintentionally causes the ball to go across the end line or if the ball glances off the stick/person of a defender in this area and goes across the end line. Play will be re-started with the ball on the 25-yard line that is in line with where it crossed the end line, and all procedures for taking a free hit will apply.

The new procedure for awarding the attacking team a 25-yard free hit will eliminate the need for the long-hit mark on the field. As a result, the long-hit line will be eliminated from the field diagram in the NFHS Field Hockey Rules Book.

Rule 1-7-1 will now permit the goalkeeper’s uniform top to be multiple colors to ensure contrasting uniforms with field players. In addition, effective with the 2017 season, a visible number should be on the front and back of the uniform top.